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A Good Year for Biological Psychology Discovery!

Traffic was very good in 2017.  Hits for September 2017 were 5,000!  However, posts were very few.  I think that cultural difficulties and serious, legal obstacles were responsible for lost posts.  The passage of time will certainly reveal the truth.

The psychology section of Biological Psychology Discovery will need to be rewritten someday.  New ways to think and see humanity more scientifically arrived with continued evolution, increases of technology in human cultures, and modern, legal conceptions of societies.

Are there volunteers to write the psychology section again?  Does someone what to put their voice to the section?  Please send me an e-mail.

Happy Halloween!

Hits for March 2017 Show Strong Interests for the Year

Two thousand seventeen is the fifth year for Biological Psychology Discovery!  Hits for March 2017 were 5,200!  Cultural events in the United States of America hindered new releases at the website.  However, electronic distribution of releases were consistently strong.  I hope that 2017 brings another phase of participation.  I really enjoy publishing here.

Record Hits for December 2016!

Biological Psychology Discovery hit a record for participation in December 2016 with 6,700 hits!  I was busy with personal and legal business through 2016, and could not advance more information at the website.  However, Hoop.La kept the website on the internet faithfully without any troubles whatsoever.  I anticipate adding additional information to the website about scientific and philosophical assumptions of biological psychology and the study of abstract commercial fiction.  Have a happy New Year!

Heterogeneous Communicare

The morphological integration of the cerebellum into the cerebrum from homo sapiens through progressive evolution caused step evolution into heterogeneous communicare.  Recessive genetics had accommodated morphological separation of the cerebellum of homo sapiens, and been corrupted from chronic diseases.  Progressive evolution eliminated recessive genetics, and created positive genetics.  A new genomic structure was created from a majority of genotypes that had become positive genetics.  Step evolution accelerated elimination of recessive genetics, and created a new genomic structure that had only positive genetics.

The cerebellum of homo sapiens got morphologically integrated into the cerebrum.  Slow adaptations and corruptions of recessive genetics were eliminated with the integration, and caused homo sapiens to focus attention and analysis on useful and profitable behavioral qualities of individuals.  Autonomy of the new genomic structure created a new genus that relied on hormones for survival and neurotransmitters for reproduction.  Heterogeneous communicare surpassed the four-chambered heart for survival, and breasts for reproduction.  Mammals fell off of the evolutionary path from exhaustion, psychological stresses, and hypertension.

Heterogeneous communicare advanced from higher production of estrogen.  Sexual adaptation broke down diseases, and reclaimed recessive genetics into positive genetics.  Morphological integration of the cerebellum into the cerebrum increased metabolism, and production of estrogen.  Diurnal cycles, development, maturity, Eros, and increased frequency of orgasms caused heterogeneous communicare to become autonomous.

Fascicular cycles became specific, and independent.  Orgasms were added to Eros behaviors from increased frequency.  Ultradian cycles became necessary for daily health, and the thyroid gland became the biological clock of unconscious experiences.  Psychological transfer became necessary for sexual, gender, and social psychologies.  Heterogeneous communicare is the start of a new genus that thinks and learns independently.  The new genus is capable of independent authority and responsibility.

Autonomy of heterogeneous communicare caused the reward system to be continuous with cerebellar communications and psychological transfer.  Additionally,  autonomy caused the reward system to be continuous with fascicular cycles.  Cerebellar communications became continuous with development and maturity.  Psychological transfer became continuous with Eros.  The new genus is capable of constant attention to the environment and constant progressive evolution.

Heterogeneous communicare is the beginning of an evolutionary plateau where information and knowledge are central to cultures and societies.  Education, economics, and reproduction are revolutionized by dramatic focus on information and knowledge.  Gender, psychotechnologies, and the knowledge economy drive globalization, progressive evolution, and scientific inventions.  Quality of life and longevity are paramount features of individual happiness and productivity.

Record Hits for July 2016!

Hits for 2016 have been excellent!  There were 5,600 hits in January, and 6,100 in February.  Hits for July are a new record for Biological Psychology Discovery at 6,600!  Popularity of the website persuades me very much to continue intellectual journeys for biological psychology and fiction.  I hope that the website can last as long as possible.

Journalism, Discourse, and the Relational Repository

Ownership, bias, and printing presses limited freedom of speech for over one hundred years.  Ownership of newspapers and imprints limited independence of perspectives and authors.  Bias of editors and publishers limited independence of ideas and opinions.  Printing presses limited independence of distribution and careers.  Reputable newspapers and periodicals limited journalism, and discourse.

The internet freed journalism and discourse from limitations of ownership, bias, and printing presses.  Personal descriptions and personalities got expressed independently.  Arguments and analyses of cultural, economic, and scientific events got distributed independently.  Reason and objectivity communicated facts, and explained logical relationships.  Authors corroborated observations and validated thoughts with independent references to existential symbols.

Journalism and discourse describe individuals, and events.  They communicate subjective perspectives with emotions and courage.  Experiences and sentiments communicate idiosyncratic characteristics, and scientific values.  They describe objective perspectives with honesty and integrity.  Ideas and opinions communicate unique thoughts, and relate unique circumstances.

Journalism and discourse communicate rational relationships, and idealistic analyses.  They describe immediate circumstances, and record history.  The internet provides great opportunities to publish philosophical and technological information.  It is an electronic bulletin-board that provides public access to temporary information around the world.

Journalism and discourse build a database of temporary information.  Public servers collect information into a relational repository, and save it into categories that have been described by similar practical intentions.  Fiction, non-fiction, audio, images, and video are stored temporarily on the internet, and computers retrieve, display, and utilize information to build businesses, nations, and the global economy.

The relational repository is temporary information that has been juxtaposed to persistent information in the regenerative and incremental repositories.  The regenerative repository of information is fiction that has been critically accepted by reasonable standards, and the incremental repository of information is non-fiction that has been retained by standards of perfectionism.  Knowledge develops from temporary information.  It generates from relationships within and between categories of information that have been described by similar practical intentions.

Preponderance of temporary information is the standard of inclusion for the relational repository.  It is the objective method to determine validity of practical intentions and relative importance of temporary information.  It is juxtaposed to critical acceptance of fiction and perfectionism of non-fiction.  The repository is a collection of information that has been accumulated to compliment persistent information.

Journalism and discourse are global communication, and international education.  Individuals around the world connect to the internet, and exchange temporary information in a relational repository.  Participation in the repository develops freedom of speech, and regenerates communication.  The repository develops juxtaposition to the persistent repositories, and recreates education.  Journalism, discourse, and the relational repository build societies around the world.

Please post comments about journalism, discourse, and the relational repository.

Updates for My Catalog of Print Books

I bought books since 2013 for my personal collection, and updated my shelf list and subject catalog.  Attached is a list of the new books.

I updated my list of controlled vocabulary, and cataloged more books.  New documents for my personal collection are located at the clips page.  Please look at my books, and make comments.

Current methods for computers to recommend books for additional reading should be replaced.  Websites like Goodreads don't use computing power to recommend books effectively.  A national database should be built for individuals to sort titles powerfully on the internet.

I think that a database for recommendations should require identification of books with tags from a controlled vocabulary.  A computer would sort all of the books for the internet community, and make recommendations based on similarities between them.  Tags, popularity, and relationships within individual collections would be used to sort books according to random search parameters.  Please comment.

Biological Psychology of Organic States

Organic states are collections of communities that are organized by natural selection, customs, and social justice.  Communities are improved by natural selection, and develop skills for survival and reproduction.  They are regulated by customs, and display characteristics of aggression and solidarity.  They are enlarged by social justice, and generate institutions from scientific values.

Organic states are institutions except for economic standards and constitutional declarations.  They fall short of civil protections for personal property, commerce, and legal objectivity.  They occur naturally from causes for ownership, and endure from accumulations of capital, traditions, and cultures.  They enable freedom to find economic opportunities, and liberty to utilize morality for the common good.

Homes, Eros, and occupations are quintessential features of successful organic states.  They arise from health, happiness, and friendships.  They promote scientific values, economics, and societies.  Individual successes drive the features.  Organic states accumulate successes, and increase strength and effectiveness for the features.

Biological psychology of organic states is hormonal, unconscious, and educational.  Hormones drive motives, aggression, and work.  Individuals participate in organic states unconsciously.  They base judgments on ideas, perceptions, and experiences.  Organic states require individuals to have education, and communities to be successful from education.  Biological psychology of organic states shapes knowledge economies.

Individuals in organic states have special genotypic and phenotypic traits.  Genotypes develop from fears, dangers, and misfortunes, and phenotypes develop from expectations, relationships, and character.  Organic states allow individuals to use genotypic and phenotypic traits to manipulate cultures and societies.  Individuals act independently to improve circumstances and opportunities.

Environmental stresses create genotypic traits for individuals of organic states.  They are present constantly, and influence daily affairs.  They drive progressive evolution, and develop individual abilities to adjust and adapt to challenges.  Individuals use genotypic traits to shape organic states.  They ensure emotionalities, and create immediate benefits for communities.

Opportunities for successes make phenotypic traits for individuals of organic states.  Logical plans and intuitive efforts to succeed at individual goals make phenotypes.  Personalities and work towards successes make phenotypes.  Phenotypic traits of organic states are universal skills that enable individuals to be employed and trade goods and services.  They are cultural symbols that are accepted and developed by successive generations.

Organic states survive by vigilance and moral actions.  Individuals strive to maintain reputations and ownership.  They use organic states to profit from work and cultures.  Vigilance for freedom and liberty enable individuals to build organic states for themselves.  Moral actions enable them to eliminate economic inefficiencies, and create opportunities for societies.  Organic states manage moral and economic risks.

Organic states are numerate.  They count individuals, opportunities, and economies.  Numeracy is prized and honored by organic states.  It develops and evolves homes, Eros, and occupations.  It generates genotypes, and phenotypes.  Organic states use mathematical methods to organize ownership, employment, and profitability.  They develop numeracy for emotionalities, and build societies.

Discipline, careers, and conscience are fundamental features of successful organic states.  They are necessary for civility, and foundational for progressive evolution.  They originate cultures, and societies.  They develop biological psychology, and assist individuals to gain ownership.  Successful organic states use ownership to force individuals into communications and interactions, and individuals are forced to increase freedom and liberty.

Record Hits for December!

Hits for December 2015 were 5,000!  Biological Psychology Discovery has been on the internet for three years now, and December had the greatest hits yet.

Topics and blogs for 2015 built the website into a destination for social, scientific, and philosophical information.  Also, Hoopla updated the format and functionality of the website at the end of the year.

Rebound in Action at Website

There were 4,100 hits for September 2015!  That's a really high number!  I am once again very happy to see so much interest at Biological Psychology Discovery.


Television fell down at the beginning of 2014, and I hope that it stays down there.  New grass was planted in the front yard in 2015, and I hope that it greens up before the snow covers it up.  Sun and water should bring the new grass well into view during the spring of 2016 to invigorate my emotional strength and help me erase the prince of television once and for all!


Have a Happy Halloween!

Recent Topics

Sexual Dimorphism

Sexual dimorphism is the cellular organization of an individual that starts from gender identity and sexualization.  It is necessary to develop love, and intelligence.  There are three logical steps to develop sexual dimorphism.  Epinephrine, gender role, and positive transfer develop sexual dimorphism with willpower and sexual adaptation.  They are consecutive, psychological actions that develop sexual dimorphism reflexively.

Epinephrine supplies the cerebrum with the capacity to use glucose and oxygen for aerobic work.  Gender role develops ego function, and positive transfer brings emotional and rational thoughts out of unconscious experiences and into subconscious experiences.  Epinephrine provides the capacity for aerobic work, ego function generates emotional and rational thoughts, and positive transfer brings thoughts into subconscious experiences.  Emotional and rational thoughts are forced into subconscious experiences, and sexual dimorphism develops from neural activity.

Gender identity and sexualization begin development of sexual dimorphism from creation of healthy, valuable thoughts.  Emotional and rational thoughts get stored in unconscious experiences.  They are transferred into subconscious experiences, and develop sexual dimorphism.  Gender identity and sexualization create more healthy, valuable thoughts that can be transferred to develop sexual dimorphism.  Behavioral homeostasis results from completion of sexual dimorphism.  However, it is accompanied by mild loss of ego function and mild manic depression.

Poor sexual dimorphism causes mob psychology, and mental blocks.  Serious deficiency of sexual dimorphism causes command authority.  Complete loss of sexual dimorphism results in complete loss of gender identity and sexualization.  Additionally, love and intelligence are completely lost by complete loss of sexual dimorphism.  Criminality, criminalization, and maladaptive behaviors result from chronic, complete loss of sexual dimorphism.

Please posts comments about sexual dimorphism.

Feminization is accomplished mechanically with behaviors.  Masturbation, development of sex characteristics, and gender cause feminization to occur.  Behaviors are generated sequentially, and changes of homeostases accumulate.  They lead to temporal awareness, emotions, and analyses.  Physical organization of organisms change to develop new homeostases.  Organisms are enabled to conduct themselves with greater complexity.

Masturbation engages hormonal activities, and increases cardiac and respiratory behaviors.  Sex characteristics develop from submission to hormonal responses and increased physical activity.  Gender engages to control development of sex characteristics, and achieves orgasms.  It continues to control development of sex characteristics, and establishes homeostases after positive psychological transfers return consciousness to environmental inputs.

Hormonal activities and responses, development of sex characteristics, and powerful positive psychological transfers develop gender sexually.  Temporal awareness, emotions, and analyses develop from sexual developments of gender, and cause organisms to shift memories, egos, and personalities into new physical organizations.  Sexual developments of gender engage memories, egos, and personalities.  Temporal awareness, emotions, and analyses enable gender to change physical organizations of organisms.

New homestases reduce blood pressure, increase metabolism, and develop consciousness.  Organisms develop desires to exercise, learn, and predict events.  Feminization builds physical and mental health.  It builds cultures, and societies.

Please post comments about feminization and mechanical behaviors.

Star Power

American novels have star power.  They have psychological qualities that contribute depth to characters and actions.  Gender role is central to star power.  It drives authors, styles, and protagonists, and assumes important places for characters, themes, and plots.

Authors dominate characters, and create star power.  Intuitions, conduct, and experiences create friendly and popular characters.  Star power enables characters to think with rules, and act in dramatic ways.  It comes from emotions, and makes stories that impact audiences personally and powerfully.

Styles dominate themes, and create star power.  Philosophy, morality, and success create rich and diverse themes.  Characters think with courage, and act with discipline.  They have independent minds, and roam places with acquaintances and strangers.

Protagonists dominate plots, and create star power.  Traits, character, and progressive evolution create tough and intelligent protagonists.  Star power describes strengths and individualities, and protagonists make relationships with determination.  Protagonists command scenes.  They create tensions, and fears.

Star power is moods, and perspectives.  It is judgments, and gender role.  Versatility expresses ideas, and complexity expresses personalities.  Scenes use star power to develop special attributes for characters, themes, and plots.  Gender role enables authors, styles, and protagonists to make stories that demonstrate peculiar facets of psychologies, cultures, and societies.

Please post comments about star power.

Targets of Opportunity by Jeffrey S. Stephens from 2011 is an excellent example of an American novel that uses mass-market techniques.  Constitutional federalism is used overwhelmingly to highlight strengths and integrity for characters.  It is always present in the narrative.  It creates suspense, develops plot, and can include events from many places around the world.

Constitutional federalism is comprised of individuality, progressive evolution, and economics.  The psychological aspects are central to humanity, and drive scientific values.  Targets of Opportunity develops positive emotions throughout the narrative.  Individuality develops objectivity, progressive evolution develops epinephrine, and economics develops goals.  Humanity is critical to suspense, and scientific values are necessary for plots.

Constitutional federalism is a mass-market technique that creates moods and perspectives.  It broadens the effects of literary techniques, and produces powerful imagery and voice.  It uses relationships effectively to describe circumstances, events, and consequences.  It authoritatively describes depths of personalities and character.

American novels use constitutional federalism to expand plots and magnify climaxes.  They use it to build maturity and generate consciousness.  Constitutional federalism is a mass-market technique that produces overall effects of opacity, aggression, and certainty.  The contexture of constitutional federalism makes uniform, dynamic, and colorful narratives.


Suspense is anticipation of circumstances.  It is development of ontologies, and subsequent suggestions of the ontologies.  It carries themes through scenes, and builds plots.  It is relief from places, characters, and events.

Suspense complements descriptions, characterizations, and transitions.  It develops contexture by emphasis of the active voice, and builds into action by emphasis of the passive voice.  Stories gain intellectual curiosity and emotional power from suspense.

Stories are told with outlines, and suspense creates opportunities to make characters and relationships.  Suspense combines with chronology, and creates representations for plots.  Climaxes are created by events and suspense.

Please post comments about suspense.


Voice is perceptions of sounds that are created by poetic usage of words, literary techniques, and main ideas.  Sounds are imagined with notions that are constructed from descriptions, characterizations, and plots.  Voice is the ongoing similarity of sounds that are created by stories.  It is a constant quality for stories that builds and strengthens with progress.

Voice contributes to literary techniques, and richens experiences of stories.  It is an additional dimension of stories that provides moods and perspectives.  Sounds provide audiences with greater explanations of places, characters, and events.  They contribute depth to ideas and relationships between ideas.

Stories use voice to show transitions and conclusions.  They use voice to demonstrate intentions and anxieties.  Voice brightens ordinary passages, and brings stories close to audiences.

Please post comments that describe voice.

The active voice is grammatical constructions of sentences.  It is positive statements that present objective information.  Economy of words enables the active voice to describe facts succinctly, and simplicity of grammatical constructions permits it to describe opinions completely.

Nouns and prepositions are fundamental to the active voice.  They focus attention on objectivity and relationships.  They describe central and immediate ideas that relate to action.  Nouns describe images, and prepositions describe information that is additional to nouns.

Subjects are fundamental to the active voice.  They draw attention to purposes, and describe sources of action.  They symbolize finality.  The active voice uses subjects to develop knowledge.

Fundamentals of the active voice enable sentences to stand out with information and carry knowledge onto more sentences.  They give audiences memories of important features of stories, and references to important contexts that were made earlier in stories.  The active voice uses fundamentals to write sentences that communicate significant ideas and limit confusion.

Please post comments that discuss fundamentals of the active voice.

Cyberpunk themes are representational stories about circumstances and protagonists.  They are psych fiction, and science fiction.  They are adaptive stories about psychological failures and damages that failures cause to societies.  Cyberpunks experience emotional hardships of their communities, and act as agents for moral correction.

Cyberpunk themes are reactions to impotence, illiteracy, and innumeracy.  They are emotional, psychological, and physical reactions to personal delinquencies that have shaped societies.  They focus on strengths, intelligence, and skills.  Cyberpunks are sexual, knowledgeable, and successful citizens of physical, social, and temporal places where they live, work, and learn.

Impotence, illiteracy, and innumeracy are personal inadequacies that drive aggression and violence in communities.  Conflicts arise from continuation of aggression and violence, and organize into networks of command authority.  They provide opportunities for the development of personal delinquencies.

Impotence, illiteracy, and innumeracy cause cyberpunks to plan and execute progressive evolution.  Cyberpunks increase opportunities to profit from failures of societies.  They evolve to increase experiences from personal successes and build maturity for additional successes.  They optimize adaptation to negative personal, cultural, and economic effects.

Cyberpunks adapt to unpleasant, unfortunate, and impossible circumstances.  They interact with societies to improve themselves, and free themselves from tyranny of immoral habits and decisions.  They mature from developmental pains.

Cyberpunk themes are intimate and exciting stories that display ingenious personalities and resolute character.  They display creativity, discipline, and honor.  Cyberpunks behave in societies, reveal secrets, and leave permanent realities behind them.

Please post comments about qualities of cyberpunk themes.

Maturity is based on stress response.  Stress response is psychosomatic, and complementary to pacemaker activity.  Maturity is a basic behavioral state that has central connectivity.  The anterior temporal commissure connects the temporal lobes of the brain, and provides central connectivity for maturity.  The temporal lobes organize the neural activity of stress response, and central connectivity for maturity organizes the central nervous system around the neural activity of stress response.  Please post comments about the central connectivity for maturity.

Acetylcholine is a major neurotransmitter of the central and peripheral nervous systems.  It is an excitatory neurotransmitter for motor functions, and creates unconscious experiences of integration.


Gender is subconscious, and integrative.  Integration of developmental behaviors is fundamental to gender.  Acetylcholine promotes gender.


Acetylcholine is ubiquitous in the human body.  Unconscious experiences are created by motor functions being excited by acetylcholine.  Unconscious experiences modify the trajectory of integration.


Please post comments about acetylcholine and gender.

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